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Rope climbs are great fun, and are great for coordination, and the ol’ body in general.


Lateral Neck……Racquetball + Yoga Block
Posterior Neck….RAD Roller
Anterior Thigh…..Wall, 1-2 minutes each side.


Front Squat ~ 5 reps

1:30 rest ~~~5 Sets


3 pt. Plank (1-2-1 tempo)

45 sec. rest ~ 2 sets

Tenacious DNA

Nice Job Copy Editors ……….Childish humor still reigns supreme over here

Great Scott!

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er……I mean Great Squat!


RAD Roller Freestyle……Spend 5 min. ironing out any rough spots


8 Slo-Mo burpees
8ES Kettlebell Swings
15 Box Jump

1 min. rest ~~~5 Sets


SLB Roll (2-5-2 tempo)

Zach Kryk Injury and Comeback: gnarly injury, strong comeback

We are what our father ate……..Before we were born!

Homemade Sriracha ~ Rooster Sauce

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Sauces are the key giving your food that little bang that’ll propel things from boring to amazing in a flash. The key to not being bored while eating your good foods is to know different cooking techniques, and have an arsenal of high quality condiments on the fridge. We’re fortunate to have both, but we definitely lean heavily on the latter.

This one’s a fresh take on an old favorite, and it’s completely beginner-friendly. The taste is much fresher and slightly sweeter than the storebought sauce, and there aren’t any gnarly preservatives or colorings in this version. Egg’s will never be the same again (until you’ve got a batch of XO sauce around, another time……).

In a nuthshell;

1. Get a whole grippa burnin’ hot peppers.
2. Marinate the peppers
3. Blend into sauce.

Take the tops off the peppers and toss ‘em out……..Then coarse chop the peppers to to prep them for a brief stint in the marinade jar.

Then, pop ‘em in the jar with the vinegar and salt.

…….And let them sit overnight in the jar to disperse the flavors and cool down the red fresno’s.

-Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, bring to a boil, then let turn the heat down to a gentle simmer for five minutes.

-Pour that mixture in the blender and spin till it’s a nice puree~~~Five minutes or so

-Put the sauce in a chinois (or a fine metal strainer) to drip off the excess water……..and you’re done!


Ingredients (makes about 1.5 cups)

1/2 pound red fresno chiles, coarsely chopped
4 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 cup distilled white vinegar
2 tablespoons palm sugar

Recipe from Edamame2003


4-11-11 Workout

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Bit of work from Thursday’s workout. The 100-lb. Waterball keeps everything honest!


Calves on Wall
Calf release Yoga Block + Ball
Adductors on Wall


10-Box Jump 35″
10-Med Ball Slam
10-KB swing

2 Minutes Rest–5 Sets



Amazing Little Ants

Interval Strength

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Veggie Prep, got 20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon? Prep those veggies for the week ahead.


RAD Roller Ribcage
Hip Flexor – Illiacus Bias
SHoulder External Rotation w/ Band


4 ES – Waterball Lunge
2 Rope Ascents
8 KB Overhead Press

2 min. rest………3 Sets


Hollow Rocks
10 Reps~3 Sets

Subliminal advertising at an impressive new level. Bimmer stepping up the brainwash game.

A Match igniting at 2000 frames per second.



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2 Minute Squat + Duck Walk
Anterior Thigh
Pec Minor w/ RAD Roller

Movement (20:40)

Toe to Bar
Double Under

5 Sets

Stability (60:30)

Horse Stance

Akker’s can Shred: (click for vid)

Thursday Tools for Freedom

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You got a toolbox yet?

Any serious athlete (or casual gymgoer, IMO) should have a good arsenal of mobility tools. The good thing about them is they don’t even need to be specific tools you bought on a physical therapy supply website, a lot of ‘em are just kids toy’s……..Or stolen from the pool table, your golf bag…….whatever.

Muscles are different all across the body, some are highly tiny and highly fascially bound, and others are huge and just need to be mashed out every once in a while.

We do it everyday, workout or not. You got five minutes to roll around on a ball right? Of course
Streets of Freedom, not related

Monday’s Workout

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V-Outs before the sunrise.


Hip External Rotation
Mckenzie Presses
Levator Scapula
Ankle Dorsiflexion on Wall





6 V-Outs (2-2-2 tempo) …..3 sets

V-outs are a great and easily scalable intro to the scapular stability necessary for gymnastics……….and healthy shoulders in general.
Awesome Cat made the rounds by now, still funny………

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“It aint a hit, unless Nate Dogg sings on it”

Tribute Shrine at The Squeakie Bean :

Lift Something Heavy!

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Upper Cervical (insertions w/ racquetball)
Upper traps
SCM self release


HEAVY tire flips 5-5-5-5
Deadlift 5-5-5-5
Atlas Stone 5-5-5-5

The choices are here for scalability……Use what you can! And remember, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to flip a 500lb. tire!


SLB Roll 40/20

2 sets